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Sims Extends Mobile Bar Fleet

As bookings continue to increase for the Sims Hospitality mobile bars, the business has now added to it's liveried fleet, thanks to more great work by Signs Express Salisbury.

The newest Sims mobile bar vehicle is already on assignment, providing mobile bars for events of up to 500 attendees, or 5000+ when supported by other Sims vehicles and trailers.

The newest Sims mobile bar vehicle, an extra long wheelbase van, has been kitted out inside with custom built racking and specialist mobile back bar fridges and flight cases - allowing for quick deployment and setup, whilst providing the equipment to give the venue that permanent bar feel.

The new vehicle allows for all beverages to be chilled before and during transit, as well as ensuring that adequate spare stock can be carried, should the bar itself need to be replenished - in turn this reduces setup time and unnecessary clutter or excess stock within the venues bar area, whilst ensuring the mobile bar is never short of the customers preference of drink, should Sims staff need to top up stock at the bar.


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