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Choosing A Table Layout - Seating Layouts For Events

Most events that we attend utilise a 'banquet' layout. This is normally where guests are seated in groups of round tables consisting of 6-12 guests per table, having a seated meal and are served at their tables. Typically these types of events comprise of wedding receptions and formal dinners.

Attention to detail! Whilst the layup may look 'ok' ,your guests will have at least 2.5 hours during a seated meal to analyse and criticise every detail. Folded table linen can be a a disaster if it is not flawless. This particular event was catered for by an external company, with Sims only providing staff. Thankfully after this photo was taken our supervisor ensured that our waiting team had enough time to steam the events table linen.

It is important not to confuse 'banquet' and cabaret' when it comes to layouts. A 'banquet' style layout is generally where guests are evenly spaced in a circle, without needing to look at a central focal point of the event space (such as a stage, or presenter). Often, the term 'banquet' is also used during award ceremonies, or entertainment events where the guests have a view of a stage or entertainer - in this instance would be a 'cabaret' style seating arrangement.


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